Top 5 Mark Tansey Grey Monochrome!

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Note dal Web: Mark Tansey, nato nel 1949 a San Jose, California è un artista americano noto al grande pubblico per i suoi dipinti monocromi.

Tratto da : Mark Tansey’s allegorical paintings address the meaning of art and the human impulse to make images. He pulls from a vast archive of visual material that includes his own photographs as well as clippings from magazines and newspapers. Often, as a way of determining the subject of his work, he spins the Color Wheel, a device of his own invention comprising three concentric circles set into a plywood frame, each with 180 words carved into its surface, to generate one of  5,832,000 possible three-word phrases. Arguing that representation has functions other than “capturing the real,” he has said that his work is about “how different realities interact with each other.”

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My Favourite Grey Masterpiece “The Innocent Eye Test”:  (Tratto da MET Officila Site) In this wry painting, a cow stands in front of Paulus Potter’s The Young Bull, 1647, now at the Mauritshuis, The Hague, while the human experts wonder if the cow can distinguish artifice from reality. Will she bellow a greeting, or admire Monet’s Grainstack (Snow Effect), 1891, on the wall to the right? Tansey offers this critique of the role of representation in modern art as a method of revitalizing the tradition of painting. His use of grisaille, or grey monochrome, relates to the tradition of academic painting but also to his job as an illustrator for The New York Times. Such strategies of appropriation define much of the art of the 1980s in New York, where Tansey still works.



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